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Stats 17 Aug 2007 to 19 Sep 2020

Hours 189h 33m   Flights 195   Costs $219.50

Types of Flight

Name # Hours
Circuit4612h 1m
With Passenger37h 47m
Ridge2242h 58m
Wave813h 32m
Thermal1640h 56m
Competition12h 10m


Name # Hours Costs
Instruction Received6748h 58m$0.00
Pilot in Command59116h 17m$59.00
Second in Command13h 47m$0.00
Solo53117h 18m$0.00
IFR419h 1m$0.00
Cross Country625h 37m$0.00
Aerobatic35h 14m$0.00
Night232h 20m$0.00
IFR Simulated25h 0m$0.00
Instruction Given36h 51m$0.00

Gear Type

Type # Hours
Not Specified02h 23m
Not Specified4515h 31m
Fixed101h 0m
None110134h 11m
Retractable1412h 58m
Skid1523h 30m

Engine Type

Type # Hours
Not Specified02h 23m
Not Specified4013h 17m
2 Cycle4722h 37m
Glider - Motor3862h 1m
None719h 57m
Not Specified1510h 43m
Piston52h 15m
Reciprocating51h 0m
Turbofan718h 1m
Turbojet30h 0m
Turboshaft2737h 19m


Type #
Day Landings 204
Night Landings 0
Touch and Goes 0
Outlandings 0


Cost Cost/min Total
$143.00   + $76.50   = $219.5


Name # Hours
Phil Smith 10 1h 25m
Rainer Kunnemeyer 9 5h 59m
Steve Care 8 0h 45m
Bob Gray 8 3h 47m
Bill Mace 4 2h 0m
Tony Davies 4 3h 29m
Julian Mason 1 0h 25m
Eric Goss 1 3h 2m
Paul Scofield 1 2h 30m
Bloggs 1 0h 0m
James Turney 1 1h 22m
Malcolm 1 0h 5m
Gareth Pryce 1 1h 0m
Trevor Atkins 1 0h 56m
Tom Shanks 1 0h 45m
Les Riesterer 1 0h 11m


Name # Hours
Farmer Brown 1 0h 0m
Kareem 1 0h 10m


Name # Hours
Blogs 1 1h 25m
Smith 1 0h 0m
Lyth 1 0h 29m